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GOLD - $10,000

STERLING - $2,500


Thank you for providing opportunity and hope for at-risk youth!

Thank You!

Our mission became a reality because of your generosity and compassion. 

Together, we are providing opportunity and hope for at-risk youth, and reshaping their futures.



SAPPHIRE - $25,000

GOLD - $10,000

  • Bill McConnell

  • Joyce Lello Feldman

  • Sandy Arnold

  • Pamela Rossi

  • Lawson Dutton

STERLING & GOLD - $5,000

  • Elizabeth Cross

  • Joao and Heidi Neto

STERLING - $2,500

  • Alan Callaghan and Julie Alms

  • Ayinde Reid

  • Brad and Brent Brewster

  • Collins and Jennifer Forman

  • David Lhota, Esq.

  • De Kelly

  • Dennis and Stephanie Hickey

  • Dr's Jeff and Andrea Hazim

  • Francine Allaire

  • Gayle Horn

  • Joan Englert

  • John Marley

  • Kathy Gazda

  • Leslie Feldman

  • Marc and Joan Trajan

  • Mike and Sheree Dwyer

  • NIna McDaniel

  • Phillip and Carolina Wiebe

  • Sebastien and Maggi Allaire

  • Stephan and Lisa Tchvidjian

  • Sonia Green

  • Stephanie Brady, CPA

  • Ward and Ceri Usmar​

I N A U G U R A L   F O U N D E R S   C I R C L E   M E M B E R S

At BiG Children's Foundation we are working to create hope and

the opportunity for a better world.

We can only do it with your help. Join with us in our mission and donate now.