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"You can't make the world perfect, but you can sure help make it better." 
― Shannon A. Thompson (paraphrased), November Snow

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A 1+ year outcome-based healing, education and preparatory program for at-risk youth that focuses on

4 key areas:

:: Personal Health and Wellness

:: Emotional Healing

:: Independence Preparedness

:: Professional Development

Saturday, March 2, 2024


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We purpose to impact the lives of as many at-risk youth as possible--so there's plenty of room for YOU to get involved!

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On any given day in Florida, thousands of teenagers in the foster care system and others living in high-risk environments are trying to find their way in life without parents or family to help or guide them, and are expected to survive in the aftermath of a situation they didn't cause. Most will re-live their emotional and physical pain in their minds, creating a toxic state of the mind, body and soul. Over time, this existence can erode their emotional and physical health, break their spirit, and shatter their well-being. Sadly, any hope of living a healthy, happy, or successful life will slip through their hands.

When this happens, they become high-risk targets and can get lured into sex trafficking and gangs, or resort to a life on the streets to try to survive. Most will self-medicate with drugs and alcohol, or cause harm to themselves or others to escape their pain. It's tragic because these youth were abused, abandoned or victimized. They didn't choose their life's path but are left trying to survive in the dysfunction of it. They desperately need love, healing, guidance, and skills. They need a second chance.

BiG Children's Foundation has a heart to prevent these outcomes and change their life trajectory. We provide teens with mentoring and support to help them heal, programming that addresses their health and wellness, and education, skills training and resources to help them lead healthy, happy, productive lives. We reshape their futures! Click here for more info.

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